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We are open:

Thursdays - 9pm - 2am In for 1p, Drink for £1 (check whats on page for weekly listings as events may vary)

Fridays:      9pm-3am for Censored.  2 rooms of your favourite tunes and excessive amounts #WeeklyFunAndFrolics

Saturdays:  9pm - 3am The Big Night Out.

Check out our event calendar for all listings, night promotions and themes and one off specials.  This includes days for all our under 18's events.




What's On


Thurs (check the whats on page as weekly events may vary)

Mid week party which wont break the weekend party funds. In for 1p, drink for £1*

* (£1.50 after Midnight).  Open from 9pm - 2am, grab your friends and lets get the Prekend under way

New Thursdays

Lets get Famous. Join in the weekly Fun and Frolics.
With DJ King in main room video mixing his way through the night and DJ Guy in the party room shaking your party tail feathers.
We work hard all week and play hard every friday night.
Kents Busiest Friday night #Fact from 9pm - 3am
New Friday
Saturday - the Big Night Out.
With 2 Rooms of the Biggest tunes, Laser Light Show, 5 bars open from 9pm - 3am, Our Legendary 2 Hours of £1 drinks from 9pm - 2am and Regular Celebrity Personal appearances nd entertainment here is where your party is at every saturday.